Raccoon is a medium sized mammal which is native to north America.It has a grayish coat which consist of dense underfur.this underfur helps in insulating agaist cold weather.It has many distinctive feature like front paws and facial mask which is a mythology for several native American tribes.They are very intelligent animal which can remember solution to tasks for upto three years.


Raccoons are omnivorous animals with 40percent of invertebrates ,33 percent of plant foods and 27 percent of vertebrates.They live in deciduous and mixed forest .They are now also found in mountain areas,coastal marshes and also in urban areas.They are also kept in home as pets.In the mid 20th century,raccoons are distributed over European mainland ,the Caucaus region and in Japan.

There gestation period is about 65 days.They give birth from 2 to 5 kits during spring.Captive raccoons are said to live for 20 years,but hunting and vehicular injury shortens this range.

what do racoons eat, they eat different kinds of food.they mainly depends on what is available .They  uses their paws to catch fish,to steal eggs,to pick fruits.They also use those paws to hatch birds from nest.

They raid vegetable garden ,chicken house and garbage can.Thus they disturbs human lives.They also catches animals like rats ,squirells ,small livestock,frogs,snakes,crawfish,worms and mollusks.They mostly go behind slow moving animals which is easier for them to catch.

They also depends on berries,acorns and several other tree nuts.The raccons found in cities find it difficult to search their foods.They do not get their preys which is abundant in wild areas.So,they depends on squirells ,eggs,rodent and birds.City raccons scavenge dumpings,garbage cans and they kill animals found in their way.

They takes pet foods from their homes and take fishes from the nearby ponds.sometimes they also approches humans and beg for food.Their life expectancy is very less now a days,so the number of adult raccoon death are very low.They are very flexible and adaptable to every environment as they can endure wild coldness and have the capability to adjust catching the preys according to the availabilty.They hibernate throughout winter and find refugees within underground burrows and even inside the hollowed trees.These creatures are highly clever so the humans should find a way to eliminate their existence in the nearby places.These species hit every food no matter what it is.theyeat both plants and animals.They do not fail catching anything that comes in their way even filthy and rotten left overs.They seems to be very cute and smart on their appearence.But the fact that they are wild should be kept in mind before handling them .Rising this animal around the home is very difficult .This animal is very unpredictable and we will not be able to know how it to behave next.So we should be very much aware of  this animals.

Most of the raccoons grow as medium size dog .They are well known for its bandit mask as their markings on their face.They always prefer a safe nesting place because they wanted to keep their kits safe from the other animals as well from humans.

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